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Health and Balance with Howard Brown, Carmen Miranda & Jen Santos

How are you feeling these days? Are you taking care of yourself? This week’s #GoalChatLive is all about Health and Balance with guests Howard Brown, Carmen Miranda, and Jen Santos, all entrepreneurs and health enthusiasts. The April theme is Health, and we’ll be covering Physical, Mental, Money, and  Corporate Health on #GoalChat Live.

Howard, Carmen, and Jen shared their own health and well-being journeys, how they found – and are still finding – balance and so much more.

About our guests:

  • Howard Brown is an entrepreneur, author, and health advocate
  • Carmen Miranda is a fitness and wellness coach, Intuitively Fit 360
  • Jen Santos is a small-business consultant and work-life balance coach, The SAMBA Method

The First Step to Being Healthy

  • Jen: Define health boundaries
  • Carmen: Making a choice to be healthy
  • Howard: Actually take the steps. Do the work and remove roadblocks

Finding Balance: Lessons Learned

  • Carmen: Trust yourself. Get rid of the outside noise
  • Jen: Know yourself and how you thrive
  • Howard: Be authentic and be intentional. Be nimble and pivot

Watch #GoalChatLive on Health & Balance

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Goals from our Guests

  • Jen: Do not bring your phone to the dinner table
  • Carmen: Create a ritual around closing out your workday
  • Howard: Check in with someone in your network, who you haven’t heard from in a while

Our Guests’ Goals

  • Howard: Successfully launch Shining Brightly
  • Carmen: Ask more … for needs and wants
  • Jen: Continue building out her community and network

Final Thought

  • Howard: Keep shining with kindness
  • Carmen: Celebrate something every day
  • Jen: Turn off the notifications on your phone


How do you find balance? And what’s your big April goal? Please share in the comments.

Next Week

Our next topic is Physical Health. Join the Twitter chat on Sunday, April 3, at 7pm PT on Twitter. Then, on Monday, April 10, at 4pm PT, Eli Walker of Drunk Yoga is among my guests for #GoalChatLive.

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