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Emotional Wellbeing with Dorien Morin-van Dam, Jenn Tsang & Diann Wingert

On this week’s #GoalChatLive, Social Media Strategist Dorien Morin-van Dam, Leadership Coach Jenn Tsang, and Mindset Coach Diann Wingert join me to talk about emotional wellbeing and mental health. This topic was scheduled by request. After more than two years of COVID-life – and the work, home, and life stress that goes with it – it was time to check-in with strategies for better emotional self-care.

Dorien, Jenn, and Diann shared their connection to the topic and how they are really doing, as well as tips for celebrating wins, staying sane on social media, and more.

Their Best Self-Care Habit

  • Dorien: Running
  • Jenn: Sees a therapist every two weeks, as well as a massage therapist. In between, she walks, runs, works out, and spends time in nature
  • Diann: Napping is her self-care strategy; a 40-minute nap or a 20-minute caffeine nap

How They Handle Stress

  • Diann: Managing expectations of what can actually get done in a day, a week, a month
  • Jenn: Daily curiosity practice
  • Dorien: Tuning out the world and reading or binge-watching

Emotional Wellbeing #GoalChatLive

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Goals from Our Guests

  • Jenn: Be more intentional in everything you do. Develop a practice. And practice being more intentional in everything you do
  • Diann: Get up at the same time every day, regardless of when you go to sleep. The quality of your sleep improves
  • Dorien: Find an accountability partner

Final Thought

  • Diann: You are not broken and you are not alone
  • Dorien: What you see on social media is not real life. Know people’s lives aren’t perfect. Bonus Goal: Catch up with friends who are not posting
  • Jenn: Most things in life are temporary. Learn to flow with life a little bit more


How do you watch out for your emotional well-being? Please share in the comments.

Next Week

Our next topic is Corporate Health. Join the Twitter chat on Sunday, April 24, at 7pm PT on Twitter. Then, on Monday, April 25, at 4pm PT, Jess Dewell and Lance Robbins are my guests for #GoalChatLive.

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