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Corporate Health with Jess Dewell and Lance Robbins

We wrapped up a month of #GoalChatLive “health” topics with a conversation on Corporate Health. Guests Jess Dewell, Managing Partner, Red Direction, and Lance Robbins, Director of Talent Acquisition, XWP, shared their thoughts on The Great Resignation, what makes a business healthy – and unhealthy, and much more.

What is Business Health

  • Lance: A business is a holistic thing that needs to be looked at from the big picture. Bottom line (money) vs front line (the people)
  • Jess: It’s all about priorities. What are the company’s mission and values? Where does the company put its time, energy, and resources? And what is – is there – a gap between the two?

What Makes a Business Unhealthy

  • Jess: Getting stuck in the day to day and forgetting their purpose – why they do what they do
  • Lance: Business leaders are creating experiences. If those experiences are more negative than positive, there’s a problem

“Companies are not the only ones responsible for company culture,” Jess says. “Employees can own their own paths.”

When you encounter an issue – as a leader OR employee – Jess says, “Stop, drop, and roll!” Adds Lance, “When your company is on fire – and not in a good way – don’t pause and freeze. You’re only stuck if you think you are stuck. There are always options.”

Corporate Health #GoalChatLive

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Goals from Our Guests

  • Jess: Find where can you pause in your week to reflect, dream, and prioritize
  • Lance: Look at one part of the experience of being someone who works at your company, and write down the details of what happens. If you have a healthy organization, it will be a joy to write about. If it’s good, publish it. Or, if it’s bad, work on it, get it to a good place, and then publish it! Employees and consultants, try this exercise for one of your projects.

Final Thought

  • Lance: You are creating experiences – create healthy ones on purpose
  • Jess: Keep asking the questions. Better questions lead to the root of what makes your company tick


What’s your role in your business? How do you maintain a healthy work environment? Please share in the comments.

Next Week

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