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Business Goals with Wanda Allen, Michelle Nicole McNabb & Phyllis Pieri

Do you have dreams of starting or building a business? Want some motivation, along with some expert advice? You’ve come to the right place! This week on #GoalChatLive, I speak with Follow-Up Sales Expert Wanda Allen, External Director of Events Michelle Nicole McNabb, and Franchise Expert Phyllis Pieri about Building Your Business and Business Goals.Wanda, Michelle, and Phyllis share their backgrounds, backstories, and why they love what they do, as well as tips for starting, amplifying, and building your business.

Getting Started

  • Wanda: You have to be passionate about it and you have to be committed. No need for Plan B. You need to focus on Plan A
  • Phyllis: Combine passion with the skillset you are really good at and the willingness to make it happen
  • Michelle: Consider freelancing before expanding

To Make Your Business Stand Out

  • Phyllis: You have to market. Hire a VA to make sure it gets done (reach out to Phyllis for tips on hiring a VA)
  • Wanda: It comes back to good old-fashioned service: customer service, prospect service. Serve your prospects well and you will turn them into clients
  • Michelle: Deliverables. How do you deliver your services?

Business Goals #GoalChatLive

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Business Goals

  • Michelle: Write down a wishlist of what you would delegate for your business. And one by one, start delegating. You don’t need to master your weaknesses. Delegate
  • Phyllis: Create a Vision Board. Give yourself permission to dream big!
  • Wanda: Make 2 follow-up actions every working day. That’s 40 calls (or emails, or other outreaches) a month and 480 a year. Bonus Tip: There is so much fear about following up. Face your fear, use a CRM, and make following-up a priority
  • Adds Michelle: Your follows don’t all need to be to prospects, they can be potential partners, interviews, new connections

Final Thoughts

  • Michelle: Don’t compare your stepping stones to someone else’s milestones
  • Phyllis: You are your brand. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and your Facebook page is appropriate. Everything is public
  • Wanda: Keep your daily actions in alignment with your sales goals


What’s your best tip for building a business? Please share in the comments.

Next Week

Next week, we are talking about Paying it Forward. Join the Twitter chat on Sunday, May 22, at 7pm PT on Twitter. Then, on Monday, May 23, at 4pm PT, my #GoalChatLive guests are Howard Brodwin, Paul Higgins, and Tisha Janigian.

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