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Messaging with Ethan Beute, Christian Karasiewicz & Sheryl Plouffe

Messaging, communication, and connection go hand-in-hand. Your message is an integral part of who you are and what you have to offer the world, professionally and personally. This week, Ethan Beute, Christian Karasiewicz, and Sheryl Plouffe joined me for a message-filled conversation about messaging!
About my guests:
  • Ethan Beute is Chief Evangelist of BombBomb and co-author of Human-Centered Communication
  • Christian Karasiewicz is the Owner of Social Chefs, Content Marketing Manager at StreamYard, and host of the Launch Your Live show
  • Sheryl Plouffe is a Video Strategist & Repurposing Expert, Cash in on Camera

Your message combines authority and authenticity while highlighting your purpose and passion … To get your message out there, get out there! Imperfection shows humanity. Step out of your comfort zone and keep going!

Watch our Conversation on Messaging

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Messaging Goals

  • Ethan: The next time you are creating a message, think about what’s in it for your audience. Be clear about how you help.
  • Christian: Whatever is holding you back, start on it. Stop throwing obstacles in your own way. Get uncomfortable.
  • Sheryl: Think of yourself as the guide on this journey (not the hero). Bring that type of energy into the content you create.
  • BONUS: Connect with everyone on LinkedIn. Send a note with your connection request, then send a video message once you are connected.

Final Thoughts

  • Ethan: If you care, create videos. Humans will see who you are/what’s behind the message.
  • Sheryl: Park the perfectionism and be seen! Move out of your comfort zone.
  • Christian: Don’t expect your first message to have the impact you want. It may take time. Keep going!


How do you create an impactful message? Please share it in the comments.

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