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Fitness with Steve Brossman, Carmen Miranda & Susan Valot

This week on GoalChatLive, we talked about Fitness. The Sales Innovator Steve Brossman, Fitness and Wellness Coach Carmen Miranda, and Award-winning Radio Journalist and Podcast Host/Producer Susan Valot joined me for the conversation. Fitness ties into this month’s theme of fun, since the more fun your fitness choice is, the more likely you are to invest in your wellness.

According to our guests, fitness is …

  • Steve: Whatever you want it to be for your health goals
  • Carmen: A lifestyle … you have to fit it into your life
  • Susan: Having the strength and energy to do what you want to do

Steve, Carmen, and Miranda shared their fitness journeys, exercise preferences, and some anecdotes, as well as tips and encouragement for finding and embracing wellness.

Watch our Conversation on Fitness

Also, check out the full GoalChatLive conversation on Fitness in the Twitter Moments Recap.

Advice for the Fitness Averse

  • Steve: Build your own morning routine
  • Carmen: Think about why you feel this way about fitness, so you can make a change and do something that brings you joy instead
  • Susan: Find what works for you, time-wise and exercise-wise

Your Fitness Goals 

  • Susan: Make a commitment to something, even if it’s one day a week
  • Steve: Set an attendance goal, set a stretch/extra fitness goal for a winning effect
  • Carmen: Schedule 10-minute movement appointments


What’s your best fitness tip? Please share it in the comments.

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