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Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley’s Tip to #Start2021Now

Today’s #NewYearNewYou #Start2021Now Tip comes from author Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley, the author of The Gift of Crisis. She lives in Los Angeles and is currently in the process of opening Little Visioneers, a bookstore specializing in books authored by women.

I asked Bridgitte to share her wins, goals, and motto, along with her tip to #Start2021Now

Biggest Win in 2020

My biggest win in 2020 was the decision to move forward with my long-term love affair with books and open a bookstore.

3 Big Goals for 2021

  • Open the physical location of the Little Visioneers Bookshop.
  • Trust (and enjoy) the process of learning something new – as in running a bookstore!
  • Sell books. Lots of them!

Motto for 2021

Little visions are the small beginnings from which great things can come.

Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley’s Tip to #Start2021Now

Know your why. Be clear on the why behind your vision – why you’re doing what you’re doing.

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What’s your why? Please share in the comments.

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Happy #Start2021Now New Year

Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley was one of guests for the #DEBcember 1st Virtual New Years Party. Read the recap and watch the video.

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