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About Me

My Story

My passion for goal-setting started several years ago. I was doing events for Barnes & Noble in Schaumburg, Illinois, and one of my customers asked if I’d start a writers’ support group.

I did. And it was a hit. I saw the power of goal-setting and accountability first hand.

At these meetings people would share what they were working on, report on their goals, and set new ones.  Almost everyone, myself included, would get something done for the next meeting. Seeing others achieve is encouraging – “If they can do it, so can I” – but the positive feedback you get when you reach your goals is even more motivating. The process works!

Fast forward several years. I had moved to Los Angeles, and re-started my goals group at Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica. It was dubbed Write On shortly thereafter. Over the years, the group has had many changes, and now embraces creatives and entrepreneurs, as well. We have live meetings, where I give out “stars” – a gold star when you achieve the goals you set, any color star for effort. There’s also an engaged online community: a page and group on Facebook, as well as a #GoalChat on Twitter.

After a member asked me to help him one-on-one, I began doing personal coaching. I also started speaking and leading workshops, live and online. Over the years, I’ve helped people around the world set and their achieve goals through strategizing, trouble-shooting, and offering resources, encouragement, and deadlines. Their projects ranged from writing books and starting blogs to social media, business development, and more. I’ve also worked in publishing, education, financial services, social media, and technology.

After years of working, adapting, and polishing my goal-setting and productivity techniques, I put them into a simplified process, called The D*E*B Method.

My Experience

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For more on me, go to LinkedIn and read Testimonials. To book me for an interview or speaking engagement, contact or call 310.908.8980.

Dennis WIlenI’ve worked with Debra at print and online publications for over a dozen years. And as a professional editor (and writer, and producer, and editor) I am skeptical of self-proclaimed “experts” — especially those offering advice about creative endeavors — but Deb’s insights have helped me immensely. She knows what works. Her book Write On Blogging: 51 Tips to Create, Write & Promote Your Blog could only have been written by someone who has been there and done that. Deb’s book, her Twitter chats, and her newsletter have changed the way I approach my writing, music, and video projects, and I’m better at my work because of it. She has become a treasured advisor and a personal role model. Thanks, Deb.
Dennis WilenLos Angeles