This has been a challenging year. Between financial stress, job instability, and upending lifestyles – home schooling, Zoom fatigue – 2020 can’t be in the rearview mirror soon enough.

So, why wait for January? Instead, let’s add a month to 2021. Our  New Year starts December 1st.

Plan to #Start2021Now!

Here’s the thing: To get what you want, you need to know what you want! People tend to overthink or under-think their goals … they do not make a plan.

My goal is to help everyone start 2021 on the right foot.

Your Goal Guide is the best first step. The book takes readers through my brainstorming and task-based system in order to set achievable goals and make a plan. The second part of Your Goal Guide helps readers set themselves – and their goals – up for success,. It works whether they want to start or build a business, change jobs or careers, become a known expert, or achieve work-life balance.

Your Goal Guide is an easy read with a fun road trip theme. It includes worksheets, resources, and even a Facebook group, where you can share your journey and get additional support. It’s available from your favorite bookstore, as well as on Amazon in paperback, ebook, and audiobook format.

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I have also set up a variety of goal-setting events over the next two months. This includes Workshops, Twitter chats, Facebook Lives, and a Facebook Live New Year’s party on December 1! And keep an eye on my blog for tips, tricks, and motivation!

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Angela FranklinThank you for the wonderful session on planning and reaching my goals. I can’t believe in the short half hour of conversing, I was able to walk away with an executable plan of action and timeline to reach an immediate pressing goal. In fact it was so simple, I thought I’d missed something.
I’ll end this year and begin the next one with a definite blueprint for completing tasks and getting things done–thanks to Debra. I’m stoked and inspired after our conversation, and will definitely sign up for future sessions. I’m about to pole vault over every single demon of opposition that has stymied my writing goals.
Angela FranklinWriterLos Angeles, CA