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LAX Chamber Goal-Setting Lunch N Learn

Last Friday’s “The D*E*B METHOD Goal-Setting Lunch N Learn” at LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce was a hit! Attendees in a variety of businesses and backgrounds joined us to get their year started on the right foot.

LAX Lunch N Learn

“We all know the saying, “If you put it into the universe, it’s more likely to become a reality.” Today we learned; if you brainstorm, journal, repeat journal, organize and prioritize, the likelihood of your thoughts becoming a reality are that much greater,” the Chamber’s Director of Business Relations Kelli Trombley wrote after the event.

“We thank you for starting our new year with a bang by sharing your wisdom and making us bigger, better, stronger in both our professional and personal life!”

Added attendee Jon Lescoulie, “Deb, your talk was excellent and I look forward to reading the signed copy of your book and gaining more knowledge on goal-setting. This is not just about goal-setting, it’s powerful life planning. I needed some encouragement and inspiration in setting long-term goals for myself and I believe that many of the ideas presented in your book will help me focus in 2020.”

* * *

Mega at LAXCongratulations, Mega Sugianto!

Mega is the winner of a 30-minute goal-strategy session with me. Mega, please, contact me to set up your phone or Zoom appointment.

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Your Goal Guide

Want to go through the D*E*B METHOD in-depth? Grab a copy of Your Goal Guide on Amazon or at your favorite bookstore.

Your Goal Guide takes readers through the D*E*B METHOD® – Determine Your Mission, Explore Your Options, Brainstorm Your Path – and then offers tips for success, advice troubleshooting, and more.

It’s the roadmap you need to define, plan, and achieve your goals!


Upcoming Events

January 23 at 7pm: Talk and book signing at Pages A Bookstore in Manhattan Beach, CA. Start the year off right by setting your goals and intentions for 2020. Reserve your spot.

January 25 at 2pm: Author event at Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice, CA. Get tips on how to figure out your goals and put a plan in place. RSVP on Facebook.

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