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Accomplish Your Goals—Without the Stress 

Your Goal Guide BookStart with a plan. One of the biggest reasons goals fail is that we often don’t put enough thought into what we really want before diving in. Your Goal Guide by Debra Eckerling starts with that first, crucial step: figuring out your goals and putting a plan in place. As a professional writer, communications specialist, and project catalyst with more than 20 years of experience, Eckerling is prepared to help you achieve success.

A method that works. Eckerling presents readers with her own tested and proven method: The DEB Method. DEB is a brainstorming and task-based system and stands for: Determine Your Mission, Explore Your Options, Brainstorm Your Path. Eckerling’s method is a roadmap for goal setting that helps professionals lay down a plan and accomplish their mission.

Making the process as stress-free as possible. Goals can be intimidating because of the pressure we often put on ourselves to succeed. However, Eckerling believes that setting goals should be easy—we just need the right tools to tackle them. Through a combination of writing exercises and systems, Eckerling provides readers with a process for making and setting goals that is stress-free and easy-to-manage.

Debra Eckerling’s Your Goal Guide is your next step to success. Open it up and find:

  • To-the-point advice and user-friendly recommendations
  • Easy-to-read examples and case studies
  • Adaptable worksheets and numerous resources to bring you one step closer to goal achievement

Readers of books like Atomic HabitsYour Best Year Ever, and The Bullet Journal Method will love Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals.

Pick up a copy of Debra’s latest book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your favorite independent bookstore.

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Write On Blogging: 51 Tips to Create, Write & Promote Your Blog

By Debra Eckerling

Write On Blogging

Are you ready to start your new blog?

Do you want to re-invigorate your old one?

Write On Blogging has everything you need to know to visualize and build your blog, plan and write content, and promote your posts.

Filled with simple tips, writing exercises, and tons of resources, this book is a road map on how to take what you are passionate about and develop your expertise through your blog.

Before you sell any product or – especially – a service, you need to establish yourself as an expert. Prospective clients and potential customers naturally turn to those who know their industry.

Show that you know your field is by sharing your knowledge on your blog.

Write On Blogging is your best first step!

“WOW, Debra Eckerling’s 51 blogging tips in WRITE ON BLOGGING are SO HELPFUL with fun photos and real story examples throughout, making this a MUST READ book! The blog editing advice tips are awesome with great reminders! And so many people skip the author’s recommended steps of getting a Professional Photo and setting up a Press Kit, which is so important for personal branding. If you are looking for a full package course for how to write and promote a successful blog, this book is your answer!” – Liz H Kelly, Goody PR.

Get your copy of Write On Blogging on Amazon.

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Purple Pencil Adventures: Writing Prompts for Kids of All Ages

By Debra Eckerling

Do your kids love to write?Purple Pencil Adventures

Are your kids creative? Want to encourage them to hone and expand their writing skills?

Purple Pencil Adventures are writing prompts that encourage kids of all ages to tap into their creativity, while practicing and improving their writing.

These exercises are written simply with lots of room for interpretation, so all ages can benefit.

The book includes tips on journaling, general and seasonal writing prompts, extra credit assignments and more. Purple Pencil Adventures are designed to inspire joy, creativity, and a love of the written word.

I have known the author for many years, and she is not only passionate about writing but adept at helping others to achieve their literary goals. This book helps children to express themselves, articulate ideas, or to just become better writers.” – Susan Doll

No introduction is required for these well-explained writing prompts. Most have a picture for inspiration. Several paragraphs of ideas will not overwhelm students or leave them mystified. This would be good to assign students at school, or if vacation homework is requested. Easy to use!” – Carolyn Wilhelm

Pick up a copy of Purple Pencil Adventures on Amazon.