K.E.E.P. Goal Strategy for Events & Corporate Wellbeing

K.E.E.P.ing Everyone Engaged & Productive through Goal-Setting Simplified

As a goal strategist and project catalyst, I work with individuals and businesses to strategize, set goals, and manage their personal and professional projects. I also offer corporate consulting, customized goal-setting workshops, and panel moderation for businesses, organizations, and events.

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Goal-Setting Simplified for Event Planners

Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay! But with so many online offerings – summits, conferences, workshops – you need your event to stand out! Plus, there’s the whole issue of information overload. So much great information gets set aside, never to be seen again. It’s a waste of time, money, and energy … and no one wants that!

  • Are you hosting an online summit, conference, or company retreat?
  • Do you want to offer a value-add that keeps your attendees happy … and coming back for more?

I help planners, companies, and organizations Keep their Events Engaging and Productive by helping attendees define their goals and create a strategy to get the most out of the event.

Contact me to discover how my goal-strategy sessions help attendees prioritize what sessions to attend and with whom to connect, so it sets them – and your event – up for success!

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Event Strategy for Companies


  • Are you sending employees to a conference, summit, or training?
  • Want to make sure your team comes away with information and actionable items, so their time and your money are well spent?

I help your team prioritize what sessions to attend and with whom to connect. I also help them create a pre- and post-event plan that sets them – and your business – up for success!

Contact me.

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Changing Goal-Culture in the Workplace

As work-from-home and hybrid-work continue, companies are lacking a sense of community and commonality. Employees spend their downtime developing new skills, creating a side hustle, and/or looking for new career challenges … and possibly new jobs. In the meantime, team leaders are anxious about The Great Resignation – the mass exodus of employees around the world.

What if leaders could harness the interests of their team members in order to keep them happy, engaged, and invested in the growth of their companies?

Unhappy employees are expensive. 

Happy employees do their best work and, as a result, make the company money.

Do you want to:

  • Increase employee retention?
  • Encourage community, while giving your team flexibility?
  • Set your employees up for personal and professional success?

I help directors and managers Keep their Employees Engaged and Productive by discovering and supporting their personal and professional goals. 

Contact me to discover how supporting your employees’ personal and professional goals will benefit your team, your business, and your bottom line.

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Alina FridmanDebra Eckerling came highly recommended to me when I was looking for speakers for my virtual summit. She was an absolutely fabulous speaker, a wealth of information and so accessible. It’s always a pleasure to be in her company. I highly recommend working with Debra.

 Dana Corriel, MDThe nuggets Debra Eckerling sprinkled into my production of the SoMeDocs Lecture Series (“Even Doctors Need Life Lessons”) were gold, and remain with me to this date. In fact, I quoted her just the other day, sharing with my audience about her replacement of the standard “To-Do List” with a “Done List.” She’s clever, articulate, and a joy to listen to.

Dana Corriel, MDFounderSoMeDocs

Tony N TodaroDebra Eckerling has been a terrific speaker for both The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS) and West Coast Writers Conferences (WC2). She is a professional presenter delivering on-target information for our attendees, and is also a great moderator. Debra always generates a warm, positive energy that inspires an audience. I recommend her.

Caroline VincentThanks to Debra Eckerling for speaking to the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Lawyer Well-Being Project event about goal-setting simplified. Debra shared a wealth of great practical tips and how-to’s. Immediately after the program, I started taking action on my goals, which are materializing!

Caroline VincentChairLACBA Lawyer Well-Being Project

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