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Deb did a great job building our blog and social media CRM channels. She is very energetic and passionate about creating quality consumer-centric content. In a short time she was able to recruit and build relationships with education subject matter experts and guest experts. She is up-to-date on all the social media channels and understands how to write engaging and compelling social content.

Kara TaylorVP Product MarketingCampus Explorer

I recommend Deb as a goal coach if you want to get your book out for the world to enjoy! Within the first hour of working with me and my writing partner, Debra brought awareness and focus on our project’s strengths. We also realized areas where our visions of the book were vastly different. These conversations were important to get us off on the right foot.

Debra pushed us from merely discussing the book to actually writing the first chapter within days of our conversation.

Kristin AmmermanOregon

When I set my sights on being a serious writer with attention-deficit, I had trouble focusing and felt overwhelmed. I found Deb’s Facebook page, Write On! Online and began following her posts and podcasts. Every Sunday she’d tell us to post our weekly goals, then at the end of the week, did we meet them? If not, why? Deb has a positive, enthusiastic, infectious energy that has made a difference for me as a new writer. By following her posts and listening to her podcasts, I’ve developed the self-discipline to stay on task, complete them, and remain focused. She helped me break down the novel writing process into bite-sized pieces that moved me forward each day, no matter how small the task. I’m now revising two novels that will be published within the year. If you want to be a published author, Debra Eckerling will get you there!

Lois SimensonWriterEagle River, Alaska

Debra helped each member of our group kick of the New Year right with her goal-setting workshop. She led us through thoughtfully designed worksheets that helped us think about where we want to be and how to get there. She also had great answers to our questions on how to be more productive and overcome obstacles to our goals.

Her workshop served to bring together the participants as we learned about each others’ goals and dreams, a great and unexpected benefit. I highly recommend Debra’s services as a coach and workshop leader.

Dennis WIlen

Debra, you made us all look professional [moderating] the [Your Book as a Calling Card] panel [at the California Creative Writers Conference].  You were a good listener and, as a result, were able to make us all look GOOD! You were the glue that kept it all together.

Nancy HiteAuthor, The Retirement Morage

I always knew I had a book buried deep inside me, hiding behind the layers of fat, muscle, and blood coursing through my veins. When I met Debra Eckerling, I allowed my book, the book I was meant to share with the world, to come out of the closet, just like I had.

Thank God, Debra inspired me to once again break through my false beliefs about my ability to write. I’ve since become known as an international blogger, the go-to guy for coming out with a twist of humor, and have been inspiring humans, regular old humans, to step out of the closets that hold them back from living their most authentic lives!

Rick ClemonsAuthor, Coach,

I went to Deb from a recommendation of a friend and I am so glad I did! I was in the beginning stages of writing my cookbook and she helped me put all of my whirling thoughts into a cohesive and manageable process. Deb was my calm to my crazy and I can’t recommend her enough!

Samantha Shapiro-FerraroThe Little Ferraro KitchenBellingham, WA

LAX Coworking has had the pleasure of hosting two of Debra’s presentations in our space and she never disappoints! Debra is engaging, positive, and a must for entrepreneurs trying to set goals and take the next step in their business ventures. LAX Coworking is proud to have her as a contact and friend because she is absolutely fantastic!

Sandra SaldañaLAX CoworkingLos Angeles

Debra conducted a Google hangout workshop to assist Wells Fargo Hire LA’s Youth Interns prepare their final peer presentations. It was fantastic! Her preparation, presentation, attention to detail, ability to communicate, educate and inspire is top-notch. Not only did Debra provide expert coaching and guidance, she followed up with all the participants to offer continuous support. Debra goes the extra mile in everything she does – she made this intensive, interactive learning experience fun! awesome!

Shelley WaxConsultantWells Fargo Hire LA's Youth Internship Progran

It’s been very helpful to talk to Deb every couple of weeks.

She’s given me good advice and clear next steps that I could accomplish. I’ve gotten positive results (and saved a lot of time!)

Stephanie PalmerFounderGood in a Room