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Rebuilding Your Image with Kate Paine & Tania Sterl

This week on GoalChatLive we talked about Rebuilding Your Image with Kate Paine, Standing Out Online, and Tania Sterl, Sterl on Style. Digital and physical branding united for a wonderful conversation! Kate is a personal branding consultant with a specialty in LinkedIn. Tania is a personal stylist and image coach.

Kate and Tania shared their thoughts on the power of your image, their transformation backstories, and so much more.

“Our look changes as does our goals, work, industry … everything informs your image,” Tania says. “Dress in a way that makes you unique. … Blend in and stand out.”

“Captivate/hook people in [via your LinkedIn],” Kate suggests. “Tell them who you work with, who you are, and how you can help them.”

  • Start with defining your style statement
  • Set the tone, embrace how you want to show up.
  • Go forward with a little more grace, be real, honest, and responsible.

Tips for Rebuilding Your Image 

  • Kate: Pause. Think about it. Hit the refresh button. You may just need some minor adjustments.
  • Kate: Look at your content and see how/if it relates to the people you are trying to reach. Ask a few people for honest feedback.
  • Tania: Start by looking at your future. What events will you be attending? How do you want to look?
  • Tania: Make sure you dress for who you are now and what you are looking to attract next?
  • Kate: #OwnIt
  • Tania: #DaretoWear

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Your Goals for Rebuilding Your Image

  • Tania: Take these tips, reflect, and then carve out time for a fashion fantasy hour. Go down the rabbit hole on Pinterest! Then, create your own Pinterest board that describes your style, compare it to your wardrobe, and identify three items to add.
  • Kate: Think about the 3 keywords of your niche, and incorporate them into your LinkedIn headline. Then, add something quirky. Also, incorporate your story into your About section.

Final Thoughts on Rebuilding Your Image

  • Kate: Raise your game. Make your mark. Stand out online.
  • Tania: Dress to express the true you.


What’s your tip for rebuilding your image? Please share it in the comments.

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