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March 2021 #GoalChat Topics – Empowerment

March is Women’s History Month, so what better time to talk about Empowerment on Goalchat! The March 2021 #GoalChat topics include Courage, Passion Projects, and Outreach.

Here are the March 2021 #GoalChat and #GoalChatLive Topics and Guests:

February 28: March Goals

March 1: #Empowerment #GoalChatLive party with Camille Kauer, Carmel Ecker, and more.

March 7: Courage 

March 8: For International Women’s Day my guest is fellow Mango author Shelly Rachanow, When Women Run the World Sh*t Gets Done

March 14: Passion Projects

March 15: Guest is  Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley, Little Visioneers Bookshop.

March 21:  Outreach

March 22: Guest is community builder Keith Spiro.

* * *

#GoalChats are every Sunday at 7pm PT, and is Tweeted from @TheDEBMethod Twitter  account.

#GoalChatLive takes place on Mondays at 4pm PT from the Mango Publishing Facebook Page.

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