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#GoalChats on Mindset with Jennifer Watson, Agorapulse

I had a blast speaking with Jennifer Watson of Agorapulse about Mindset on #GoalChatLive. We both believe in the power of thoughts … and the value of positive thinking!

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

– Henry Ford

Jen talked about how she started her career as a meteorologist, as well as how she made the transition from social for weather to working fully in social media. She also shared how visualization was key when she was a gymnast in her youth.

Both on Sunday’s community #GoalChat and my conversation with Jen, we talked about what mindset is, why it matters, and how to adjust your mindset.

As soon many people are having challenges right now, we went through suggestions on how to alter mindset. Jen likes to go for a walk in the sunshine, and take some deep breaths, to regroup. When I get frustrated, I have a 2-minute rule: 2 minutes to feel the stress, emotions, whatever. Then, it’s back to business!

Right now is actually the perfect opportunity to reboot your life, to rethink your goals and plans. You can learn something, create something. Most importantly, you can stop wishing and start doing. As Brian Fanzo says, “You don’t have to wait for permission.” But, if you feel you need permission and support, you have it from both Jen and me… as well as our communities!

Watch #GoalChatLive on Mindset

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Bonus Goals: Mindset

  • First thing in the morning, imagine the day you want!
  • Dedicate 5 to 10 minutes a day to finding your tribe on social media


* * *

How do you define mindset? Why does mindset matter? And how do you adjust your mindset? Please share in the comments or on the video.

* * *

Next Week

On next week’s #GoalChat we will be talking about Rebooting. Join the Twitter chat on Sunday, November 15th, at 7pm PT on Twitter. Then, on Monday, November 16, at 4pm PT, I will be joined by Iographer founder Dave Basulto.

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