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Giving Back with Howard Brodwin, Zak Karsan, and Anh Nguyen

On this week’s #GoalChatLive, Howard Brodwin, Zak Karsan, and Anh Nguyen joined me to talk about Giving Back. We talked about the value of giving back, simple ways to give, and more. The topic not only ties into my November theme of Hope, but what better time to talk about Giving Back than Thanksgiving Week!

About my guests:

  • Howard Brodwin is Founder of Sports and Social Change and Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer of CommonAlly
  • Zak Karsan is Co-Founder & CEO of SecureEDEN; CEO, Vault America; and on the Board of Directors for Scleroderma Foundation New England
  • Anh Nguyen is the Founder of Amplified Marketing, the Houston Leadership Board Chair for the Arthritis Foundation. She is also involved with Impact Hub Houston

My guests shared their connection to giving – how they got involved in their respective organizations – as well as their take on the giving mindset and the “reality check” that comes when you spend time helping others.

Watch the #GoalChatLive on Giving Back

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How Giving Back Helps You 

  • Zak: Giving is the purest form of success and satisfaction. Give smart
  • Howard: It gives you a shift in perspective. Someone else’s circumstances can change you in a powerful way. For instance, spend time at a Special Olympics event
  • Anh: Giving back makes you feel like you are more than just your job, what you do. And helping even one person can make a huge difference


  • Zak: Respect others and be kind. Also, remember to take care of yourself
  • Howard: Share what you are doing in giving back with the people in your circle
  • Anh: Find one small local grassroots community that’s serving a need that resonates with you and see what you can do to help
  • Bonus: Get an Amazon Smile account

Final Thoughts 

  • Howard: Vote
  • Zak: Give something to someone, whether it’s a smile, a hug, or a donation of time or money to a charity
  • Anh: Find something that resonates with you. Just do it.


How do you give back? What are simple things people can do to help others? Please share in the comments.

Next Week

On the next #GoalChat we will be talking November and 2021 wins, as well as December and 2022 Goals. Join the Twitter chat on Sunday, November 28, at 7pm PT on Twitter. Then, on Monday, November 29 at 4pm PT, we’ll have our #Start2022Now New Years Party with Joey Held, Keith Spiro, and May King Tsang on #GoalChatLive.

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