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Creating Content with Rick Broida, Erika Heald, and Jon Moore

To talk about Creating Content, Tech Editor/Writer Rick Broida, Writer and Content Marketing Strategist Erika Heald, and Chief Deployment Officer Jon Moore of The Asset joined me for #GoalChatLive. Our guests – who have a range of experience and insight in writing, marketing, events, and more – shared their backstories, side hustles, and lots of tips.
The key ingredients for creating content:
  • Know your purpose/mission
  • Educate, inform, entertain
  • Have fun

Watch our Conversation on Creating Content

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Favorite Tools for Creating Content

Creating Content Tips

  • Rick: Strike while the iron is hot. Create when you know it’s the best time for you!
  • Erika: Be a digital packrat … and be organized about it
  • Jon: Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, visit your website with fresh eyes


  • Erika’s Goal: Do video content for her food blog
  • Goal from Erika: Find the thing that you’ve always dreamed of doing – something that scares you – and pitch yourself for it
  • Jon’s Goal: Take the advice her gives to clients
  • Goal from Jon: Start somewhere and be consistent!
  • Rick’s Goal: Get out of the house. Figure out how he wants to spend the next phase of his career/life. Perfect reason to get a copy of Your Goal Guide
  • Goal from Rick: Take baby steps.


What’s your best content tool or tip? Please share it in the comments.

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On the next #GoalChat we will be sharing September wins and setting October Goals. Join the Twitter chat on Sunday, September 26, at 7pm PT on Twitter. Then join me, Civia Caroline, Kimberley Day, Karen Laos, September 20 at 4pm PT for #GoalChatLive on Impact, which is our October theme.

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