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#140ConfLive – May 27, 2020

I’m thrilled to announce the return of #140conf. Introducing #140ConfLive. The first event in this new series will be 9am PT on May 27, 2020.

Internet pioneer Jeff Pulver created the original #140conf back in 2009 as a way to create community through real-time connection. In 2020 it’s online technology that enables people to maintain and create connections. So Jeff decided the time is NOW to bring back #140conf!

#140ConfLive on May 27, 2020, is the first of a series of events designed to bring people together, while growing the global #140Conf community. In #140Conf-style, each scheduled talk is 10 minutes. Join Jeff Pulver, Debra Eckerling, Devon Glover, Peter Katz, and Liz Nead for this kickoff event.

The Speakers

  • Jeff Pulver (founder, host, speaker, co-producer) has been named as “a leading thought-leader on the Real-Time Web.” “I’m a habitual entrepreneur who likes to start Internet communications companies,” he says.
  • Debra Eckerling (co-host, speaker, co-producer) is the founder of the D*E*B METHOD® and author of Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals. Deb believes that when #ChangeHappens – by choice or by circumstance – the best course of action is to embrace it and make a plan.
  • Devon Glover (speaker, performer) aka The Sonnet Man, is a teacher, rapper, poet, playwright and actor from Brooklyn, New York. Devon introduces audiences to Shakespeare by performing his Sonnets through Hip-Hop as The Sonnet Man in schools and theaters worldwide.
  • Peter Katz (speaker, performer) has evolved from a nervous first-timer at an open mic night into a JUNO Award, Canadian Screen Award, and two-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominated singer-songwriter with five albums under his belt. A gifted storyteller, Peter inspire audiences to create their own path, overcome obstacles, and find success in whatever they desire.
  • Liz Nead (speaker) is an adventure speaker, who summited Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,314 feet above sea level) on Independence Day, almost six years ago. The unique way the climb guides lead 14 inexperienced climbers to the top stuck with her, transforming the way she looks at leadership. Liz shares the leadership lessons she learned from the guides and why we can’t beat the challenges unless we work together.
  • Deb Brown (co-host, co-producer) is a relentless optimist, who knows how to build possibility in small towns. Better yet, she inspires others to take small steps towards a brighter future for their community. The cofounder of SaveYour.Town, Deb travels the world working with small towns.

The Details

There’s no charge to attend this new – yet familiar – experience. However, if you’d like support community efforts, we’d appreciate a donation to Invisible People, founded by frequent #140conf-speaker and friend Mark Horvath, in memory of his mom, Laura Jones. 

The Zoom doors for #140ConfLive open at 11:45am ET on May 27, with talks scheduled from noon to 1pm. Since it’s our goal to emulate the IRL experience as much as possible, stick around for time in breakout rooms to connect with old friends and make new ones.

Get your ticket.

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